Dakota Therapy LLC. Mission Statement


Dakota Therapy LLC. is committed to the goal of promoting the welfare, dignity, and betterment of all persons who are consumers of these services. Services such as intake, treatment plans, groups, and sessions will be designed to provide individualized and meaningful assistance to the individual in acquiring and maintaining mental, emotional, social, and for those who are so inclined, physical, and spiritual, empowerment which enable the individual to function most effectively within the demands of his or her own person and environment.

Respect for the dignity, rights and uniqueness of the individual in helping him or her to move in the direction of symptom reduction, to the possibility of reaching their potential, will be paramount in this mission.



DAKOTA BAKER MA,LPCC,LADC TELEPHONE: 612•750•5378 FAX: 651•636•0243 EMAIL ME PROUD MEMBER OF: Minnesota Psychological Association MARRCH
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