Groups Which Are Currently offered By Dakota Baker

The group process has been shown to be an effective means for helping people to improve their lives by reducing symptoms, developing strategies for healthier living, and using the group itself as a way to give and receive feedback from others.

It also reduces costs as group therapy is less expensive than individual sessions. Many insurances cover groups, and at Dakota Therapy I offer a sliding fee for those who are uninsured or underinsured. I look forward to hearing from you.


Anger has been scientifically proven to literally age us. Perhaps more importantly it also reduces the quality of the life we live. When we have anger issues we often times don’t see it as our problem. When we are able to recognize it as a problem we rationalize it and tell ourselves that it is “normal”, just who we are, how we were raised, and/or simply part of being human.

Perhaps your anger is causing legal, or relationship problems. Perhaps others are asking you to face your anger, or you’ve decided to confront this problem on your own. At Dakota Therapy you can learn to not just manage your anger, but reduce the amount of anger that you have, that way managing it isn’t even the issue. I have taught many clients how to do this. Our group process offers the opportunity to discuss and practice these strategies in a safe environment. Call me and we can get started.

Substance Abuse:

Substance Abuse turns to dependence and it is virtually impossible to have either without problems showing up in your life. It is also true that these problems will get worse over time. Chemical dependence is a progressive disease, and there is no debate about that. The question that needs to be addressed is “what are you going to do about it”?

If you would like to work on this issue within a group with a group leader who has a license as a drug and alcohol counselor, ten years of experience, as well as 12 years of sobriety, give me a call and we’ll set it up.


Who doesn’t know that stress is a part of every day life? Who doesn’t know that it causes all kinds of health and personal problems? Who doesn’t want less of it? Did you know that stress, like anger, has been shown to shorten our lifespan? A group process, with a skilled facilitator, has been shown to be an effective strategy for stress reduction.

In the stress groups at Dakota Therapy you will not just reduce stress by working through your stress in a group process, but you will learn strategies to reduce stress in your every day life after you have moved on from the group process. Call me and we’ll set up a plan.

Men's Group

What is it to be a happy, functional, and emotionally stable man who is comfortable and able to maneuver in this modern world; we who have the testosterone that has made us honorable warriors, protectors, providers, and so much more? What can we do so that we can harness those strengths and navigate this modern world in a way that honors our masculinity in positive ways?

These are some of the challenging questions that we will address in the men’s group at Dakota Therapy LLC. This is not a men’s group where we will talk about being less of a man, but about how to be in our healthy masculinity, and in our strength, while learning how to honor and allow for the paths of those around us to unfold in a mutually respectful way.

This will be a group where we will be allowed to delve into specific areas where each individual might feel they require better understanding and personal development. We will also allow for some structure to be implemented by utilizing strategies which have shown to have positive outcomes such as Gender Matters; Creating Effective Programs for Men.

Sensitivity Training:

This training can occur in one hour increments for up to four hours, contact me at 651•207•5000 or  612•750•5378 for more details.

Educational Group For Mental Health Care Professionals


Native American Cultural Sensitivity Training:

Offering continuing education units accepted by the Board of Behavioral Health for addictions professionals. This training can occur in one hour increments for up to four hours, contact me at 651•207•5000 or  612•750•5378 for more details.

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