Here Are A Few Of The Many Challenges That A Client May Face Which I Specialize In.

Substance Abuse:

I specialize in helping people who are trying to cope with their substance abuse challenges. This is a tricky disease which creeps up on people and tells the person that everything is fine. Some lucky individuals catch it and put it in check before it gets out of control. Most people need to accept outside help in the form of treatment or therapy. I am fortunate also to have  faced many of the same decisions you are facing now and enjoy a full, happy life because of choosing to work on my recovery.


Depression has many sources and many symptoms. At Dakota Therapy we will work to reduce your symptoms as quickly as possible. Research has shown that the best way to do that is a combination of medication and talk therapy. Of course some people are opposed to medication and I will honor that approach, and even more so when I know that your decision is being made with all of the information that you can attain regarding why medication might help you, and what alternative activities you can do to wean you off of meds in the long-term. You might be able to avoid medications altogether. Once we have figured out how to reduce your symptoms, and improve your mood, let's see if we can figure out where the problem stems from, and what you can do on a daily basis that will help you to overcome your depression for good.


Some people have a sense of fear or apprehension during their every day activities which interfere with their wellbeing. Some people have fear of specific situations, things, or of social situations. Knowing the source of that worry is sometimes very important to the process. For example often times a panic attack can lead to an anxiety disorder. Sometimes the cause is obvious, and sometimes it is deeply hidden. I have helped many people to identify the source of their fears, and I have taught many people how to overcome those fears. I can teach you effective ways of managing your anxiety so that you can achieve a greater sense of peace, and to be able to do the things in life that anxiety has made difficult, or prevented until now.

Relationship Challenges:

Who amongst us has a perfect relationship? It is my opinion that almost everybody can benefit from having someone who can help their marriage to heal. This person should be impartial, nonjudgmental, and who knows how to look at the relationship as an entity unto itself, and who can teach strategies to improve your relationship. Typically couples will come to therapy because their problems are getting out of control. Unraveling those issues becomes the first order of business. Understanding how a couple got to that point is often times the key to understanding how to get you out of the problem. Of course people change and evolve. Sadly it is true that some couples should never have been married in the first place. Unless you otherwise specify I will always enter into your couple's therapy assuming that you wish to save the marriage and learn to be happier as partners. We will let the therapy evolve and perhaps you will be among the many couples who have improved their marriages as a result of coming to Dakota Therapy.

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